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Tour de Cure – June 8, 2013

June 8, 2013 – Peconic, NY

On June 8, 2013 I participated in the Tour de Cure, a fundraising bicycle ride to aid the research in finding a cure for diabetes put on by the American Diabetes Association. I decided to do this ride because my neighbor passed away this past October, unexpectedly from complications with diabetes.

There were five different mileage levels you could ride….5, 20,40, 62, 100 miles. Since 5 miles is way to short and I was not ready for a 40, 62 or 100 miles ride yet I went with the 20 miles ride. Next year I am going to train for the 40 or even 62 mile ride.

This was a great day overall, after the fear of rain it turned out to be a beautiful day for a ride. It was not too hot, not too cold, not to windy. Even with putting sunblock on my face, I still ended up with a Rudolph nose. The back of my neck, legs (calves) and hands. Yeah , the back of my hands got sun burned, go figured.

This is my new bike, Trek Verve 1. I bought this hybrid bike specifically for this ride. My old bike was a Huffy Mountain bike.  That bike was so old, rusty, heavy and the gears didn’t shift correctly, so this was a much needed purchase.

Trek Verve 1

This the 20 mile ride route. Took me and my neighbor Christine aka “Teeny” just under 2 and a half hours (we took our time and made a few rest stops). Click the image below to view my Strava entry.

Tour de Cure - 20 Mile Route

This was my bib number. Since I raise the minimum required fundraising fee of $150 before May 20th, I was able to get my name printed on the bib.

Tour de Cure Bib number

This is route sheet we needed to use so we didn’t get lost.  There were really only 4 turns are we went in a big “rectangle”

Route info

This is the participant T-Shirt we received after the ride. After the ride we were also provided with a nice filling BBQ (hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, chicken, salad, drinks, etc…)

Participant T-Shirt

We were required to wear a helmet in order to ride, which was good because we were riding on a very busy road. This is my new helmet, side view.


This is my new helmet, front view.

Helmet - front view

This was the best thing I ever bought for this ride (aside from the bike). It’s the Nishiki Warwick 100 oz Hydration Pack. There is a bladder pouch (shown below) that holds a 100 ounces of liquid. In case you don’t know how hydration packs work, you wear it like a back pack and when you are thirsty you, bite the mouthpiece and take a sip. Amazing so you can  keep two hands on the wheel and take a drink. I drank about half of it throughout the course of the day…so I am glad I got the 100 oz instead of the 50 or I would have been thirsty.

Nishiki Hydration Pack

Nishiki Hydration Pack Bladder - half full after the ride

Nishiki Hydration Pack Bladder - 48 oz left


If you would like to contact in regards in how to join me next year use the form below, or email me if you know the address:


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