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America’s Got Talent – Semi-Final Results show








The first semi-final result show of America’s Got Talent I feel is a complete sham…I feel two of the acts that made it, in my opinion should not have made it.    In my opinion these are the 4 acts that should have made it to the final:

  • AcroDunk
  • The Fab Five
  • Kevin Skinner and
  • The Voices of Glory

I do not think Grandma Lee and The Texas Tenors should not have made it to the final.  One good thing that did come out of the show is that instead of choosing between the Voices of Glory and The Fab Five, the judges decided to put both acts through to the final.  I still wish AcroDunk would have made it through.  I would have paid to see them in in Vegas.  I do not see how Grandma Lee or The Texas Tenors could hold a show in Vegas.

Anyways that’s my rant on the results show.  I hope the next semi-final is better, although I honestly don’t know who else is left.


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Optimum vs. Verizon (Part 2)

So, Wednesday the 22nd was the day Verizon came to install our FiOS Triple Play package (or whatever they call it).  I wasn’t home obviously but apparently the guys showed up around 1 and didn’t leave until……wait for it……9-9:30.  Yeah he was installing out stuff for 8 hours.

So far I am very pleased with Verizon FiOS.  Our only issue with Optimum was that our HD picture kept cutting in and out along with the sound.  It’s very annoying trying to watch a movie or a TV.  It’s especially frustrating when you have to watch you favorite TV show, 24, in SD instead of HD.  So far no issues with HD picture or sound cutting in and out.

The Internet seems to be faster too.  It used to take a good 15-20 minutes plus to download a demo for the PS3.  The other night I downloaded the UFC 2009: Undisputed demo (I have yet to play, review on that to come soon as well) in 5 minutes or less.  I was pleasantly surprised and pleased.

I can’t comment on the phone as I never use it, beside how hard is it to fuck up phone service.  I do like the menus on FiOS.  The guide is kewl too, just took me a while to figure out how to skip a a whole page instead of one channel.  Apparently you use the channel up/down buttons to skip a whole page in the guide.

Overall: I am very please.  Would recommend FiOS to anyone. My only complaint is there is no SpikeHD channel, but I can deal with that for now.

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Optimum vs. Verizon (Part 1)

So, my parents finally got fed up with Optimum iO digital cable.  For the longest time our HD and sometimes SD picture would be come pixelated and the sound would cut out, sometimes the sound would just cut out, sometimes some channels would just not show and sometimes the the guide would not be available.  Now, giving a call to Optimum usually fixed the issue, however, the solution did not last very long, maybe a month or two.  So, my dad got tired of calling Optimum at least once every month and one day saw a guy from Verizon, his name was Werner, walking around the neighborhood, trying to get some sales so, my dad called him over.

I came home from work one night and they had told me they signed up for Verizon and the install date was the 16th.  They also mention that they did not get any DVR boxes.  Werner told them that many of the shows we watch were available On Demand, so we didn’t really need the DVR boxes, which I found a bit odd considering he was a salesman and he sold down my parents.  The DVR boxes are 10 dollars more then the regular HD boxes.  We talked about it and I had mentioned while on demand is great, we won’t have that wonderful feature of being able to pause and rewind live TV, nor will we be able to record any show not on demand.  With this information, my parents decided to change the order to 2 HD DVR boxes instead of 2 Regular HD boxes.

So, my dad called Verizon to change the order and wouldn’t you know, Verizon didn’t have it down that we ordered phone service.  So they had to change that as well.  Now, according to Verizon since we changed equipment, they had to change our installation date.  Can some please explain to me why in the world changing pieces of equipment would require a change in installation date?  Well apparently, since Verizon deals with a 3rd party vendor they had to change the installation date.  Still boggles, my mind.  I really hope Verizon lives up to its HD quality and our picture doesn’t sound like it has the hiccups.

Stay tuned for part 2 (the comparison).  When we finally get Fios installed I will try to compare the two systems, picture quality, DVR capabilities and functionality and internet (if I can get one once installed, thye say apparently we need to use their wireless router).  As of now, the installation date is set for April 22nd or 24th, I forget exactly which date, :-\ sorry.

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