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Best Birthday Ever (Met/Yankee Game – 6/18/2010)

So, my amazing girlfriend I was telling you about told me she had something planned for me yesterday (6/18/2010). I had no clue what so ever as to what it could be. All I knew was we were going into the city (or so I thought). During the day yesterday she was trying to find direction, and mention she may have to give me hints on the train into the city so I could guess and then help her find our way there. So I asked her what the address was or could she no say cause it’d give it away and she said it would give it away.

Fast forward to 4:00 when she picked me up…clue 1 was the address would give it away….clue 2 was I didn’t have to dress up (I was wearing a button down)…clue 3 was I should bring a jacket cause we’d be walking around. Anyways, while waiting for the train to Penn, I was like I have no clue what we are doing. I was like I dunno how the address would give it away cause the only address I know is MSG, but obviously we wouldn’t need help getting there and she was like well it’s not in the city. That’s when it clicked, and I was like is it in the Bronx? and she was like YES! AND I was like “NO WAY! I can’t believe you got me Met/Yankee tickets at Yankee stadium, you are so amazing. 😀 ”

Yankee Stadium is pretty kewl, our seats were down the third base line just a little bit in front of the foul pole. The seats were amazing, they had like 5 inch thick foam padding on the seats, and they had people coming around taking oders, we didn’t use their services as we already ordered food. Best part the METS WON!!! The game was very good, nerve wracking at the end thanks to a 1 out walk to load the bases. Luckily K-ROD struck out Jeter looking and then got Cano to pop up to Wright to end the ball game.

Here are some pictures:

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First Offical Game at Citi Field

Unfortunately due to work, I was unable to catch the opening ceremony, and missed most of the game due to 24 (which I am not upset about).  Why I am not upset well 1. 24 is the best show on TV, 2. David Wright hit the first Met home run (a 3 run shot) to tie the ball game.  Typical Mets I don’t watch and they produce.

Unfortunately the Mets were unable to come up with a W, after a 3 base error by Ryan Church in right field, combo’d with a balk by Pedro Feliciano a few batter latter to bring home that go ahead run.  Mike Pelfrey didn’t help the situation by giving up 5 earned runs in 5 innings pitched.  As long as we come back and win the series all will be forgotten, maybe?

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Oh no is it deja vú…….

Oh no, here we go again. *knock on wood* I sure as hell hope we are not witnessing some remnants of last season. I missed the last two games but the last game I saw we were 2 games up, no we are .5 a game back.

Now as I sit here watching tonight’s game, biting my nails, I already know that the last two games I missed were against the Washington Nationals, so already I know this is not good. Considering we went from 2 games up to a half a game back mean only one thing we lost 2 games to the Nationals.

This game is making me a nervous wreck, as well as all other Mets fans (I’m sure). I turn on the game to see a 8-3 lead in the 6th inning. Only to see that lead shrink to 8-5 by a monstrous homer run by Elijah Dukes. Carlos Beltran increased the lead to 9-5 with a solo home run his second of the game.

The 8th inning was relatively painless, aside from the fact of almost nice sliding grab by Beltran, a sweet run saving catch by Ryan Church, and a long drive to the warning track in center.

Here we are now in the bottom of the 9th, and two run home run Heilman gives up a walk to make it 1st and 2nd, unfortunately he wasn’t helped by David Wright’s throwing error to put the lead off man on. A nice diving stop by Delgado gets the 1st out but the runner move 90 feet closer. A hard shot back to Pedro Feliciano get the next batter and holds the runners at bay. Final out and..FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK Willy Neives shoots a line drive to center bringing home 2 runs making it 9-7, with the tying run to the plate. All Mets fans heart are increasingly pumping with anxiety and frustration.

Luis Ayala comes into the game to close it out. Pinch hitter, Roger. Bernadina, steps in and…”HEEE STRUCK HIIIIM OUT,” one of the most famous lines from Gary Cohen.  It is definitely better than is patented “IT’S OUTTA HEEEEERE”

So where does this leave us.  We are a game ahead of the Brewers in the Wild Card race, and if the Brewers win will will be .5 a game ahead of them in the wild card race.  This always leaves us with the fact that this is how we started September last year.  Seven relievers were used in tonight’s game.  This is definitely unacceptable with a 5 run lead in the 6th.  If this continues there is no way we will make it far in the play off.

All and all we need to step up as a team and a pitching staff and perform. Plain and simple.

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Mets come from behind…

Thanks to Carlos Delgado’s 2-run home run and Ryan Church’s RBI double, the Mets take a come from behind win over the Milwaukee Brewers.  If the Nationals keep pounding the Phillies as they are now, the Mets would take a 2 game lead in the N.L. East. Wooooooooooh!!

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Heilman Blows

Aaron Heilman Blow massive chunks.

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