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Party at my house Saturday Nov. 11th 2011.

Fight Card:
Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos
Clay Guida vs. Ben Henderson
Dustin Poirier vs. Pablo Garza
Cub Swanson vs. Ricardo Lamas
Damarques Johnson vs. Clay Harvison

and more…full fight card here:



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UFC 98: Evan vs. Machida

UFC 98 was much better than the UFC 97: Redemption. On the card was:

“Suga” Rashad Evans vs. Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida Evans was unable to successful defend his Light Heavyweight Championship against Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida.  Machida unorthodox karate fighting style so no match for Evans who got KO’d 3:57 in the 2nd round.

Matt Hughes vs. Matt “The Terror” Serra The co-main event pitted two rivals against each other for a much anticipated match.  The overall fight was pretty good, nothing spectacular.  The fight lasted all three tounds and was left in the hands of the judges.  This was Matt “The Terror” Serra’s first mistake, because unfortunately the judges did not rule in his favor.  I don’t think the decision should have been unamimous to begin with but I personally think Serra should have won, not only because he is from East Meadow but I think his fight was overall better.

Drew “The Massacre” McFedries vs. Xavier “Professor X” Foupa-Pokam – Drew “The Massacre” McFedries, well what can we say he massacre’d “Professor X” into referee stoppage (TKO) in just 37 seconds. 

Dan Miller vs. Chael Sonnen – Not much to say about this fight.  It was pretty good nice shots thrown but nothing spectacular.  Chael Sonnen took the win in a unanimous decision.

Sean “The Muscle Shark” Sherk vs. Frankie “The Answer” Edgar – Again not much to say about this fight either, another well fought unanimous decision.  This one goes to NJ native Frankie “The Answer” Edgar.

Since some of the fighter went a little quicker than anticipated, some preliminary bouts were shown:

Brock Larson submitted Mike “Quicksand” Pyle in 3:06 in the 1st Round by Arm Triangle.

Tim “The Thrashing Machine” Hague submitted Pat “HD” Barry with a guillotine choke at 1:42 in the first round.

Krzysztof “The Polish Experiment” Soszynski TKO’d Andre Gusmao 3:17 into the 1st round.

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UFC 97: Redemption (Results)

So I just ordered my first UFC PPV event in hopes of seeing a couple of huge knockouts (preferably by Anderson Silva and Chuck Lidell) and I have to say I was thoroughly disappointed, it wasn’t Anderson Silva’s fault it was that damn Thales Leites’ fault.  All he did was fall to the floor and wait for Silva to engage.  Intelligently Silva wisely backed off and let him stand up not wanting to get himself in a predicament where he could get hurt and lose his title.  Unfortunately for us fans who want to see crazy knockouts, however Silva won and retained his title.  I sure as hell hope UFC 100 has much more action because that will be the next one I order, and YOU PEOPLE BETTER COME TO WATCH AT MY HOUSE!!

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The Ultimate Fighter US vs. UK

So, I decided to check out the UFC’s reality TV show, The Ultimate Fight (TUF), on Spike TV because it is the United States vs. United Kingdom. The US team is lead by Dan Henderson and the UK team is lead by Michael Bisping.  I like both these fighter and I figured it would be interesting country vs country. The show premiered April 1 with the UK holding elimination fights at Michael Bisping’s gym “The Wolfslayer”. The fights were good, nothing out of the ordinary happened. It was when the show continued next week where things got interesting.

Episode 2, the following week, started off with a bang. Jason Pierce fanted, but was ok and would continue to fight and win. Another welterweight, Christian Fulgium, was having trouble making weight and did ultimately not end up making weight so was not able to continue on the show. Lightweight fighter, John David Shackleford, was found to have a herpes legion on his forehead and therefore could not compete on the show. This left two fighters, welterweight,Kiel Reid and lightweight, Jason Dent, with no one to fight to get into the house. Well don’t worry they wont just into the house, Dana White, brought in two standbys to take these eliminate fighters.

Frankie Lester and Rob Browning were brought in to fight Reid and Dent, respectively. This moved pissed me off, specifically for that Rob Browning, TUF 9 competitor Junnie Browning’s little brother. Yeah I know you can’t fault Rob for Junnie’s idiotic antics and White even said this himself, but Rob would prove everyone correct in the fact that he is exactly like his brother in episode 3.

Epsiode 3, which aired tonight (4/15), gave us a glimpse at the house and the team in it. Of course Junnie, I mean Rob, started drinking and running his mouth and throwing eggs at the other fighters on the basketball, eerily similar to Junnie’s antics. EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE in the house was pissed off at Rob and rightfully so. People like him do not deserve to be in the house. I am kinda curious if Dana would have thrown him out for his antic if he was able to make it in the house. That’s right, luckily Rob got his ass kick by Jason Dent and was eliminated. This is always good because I was torn in whether to keep watching the show if Rob made it into the house. Luckily I can keep watching the show with no qualms.

I am looking forward to this season.

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UFC 97: Redemption

UFC 97: Redemption

UFC 97: Redemption

I don’t usually buy pay-per-view event but this UFC event has a great card, and I’d like to invite a bunch of people over to enjoy the fight. Here is a link to my Facebook event if you’re interested in coming let me know.

The card looks like this:

Anderson “The Spider” Silva (23-4-0)
Thales Leites (14-1-0)

Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell (21-5-0)
Mauricio “Shogun” Rua (17-3-0)

Krzysztof “The Polish Experiment” Soszynski (17-9-1)
Brian “All American” Stann (6-1-0)

Cheick Kongo (23-4-1)
Antoni Hardonk (8-4-0)

Steve “Robot” Cantwell (7-1-0)
Luiz “Banha” Cane (10-1-1)

Plus others that may or may not be broadcasted, click to see the full card.

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