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Ok, so huge mess moving into our new place but somehow we did it. We were planning on moving in June 2. And we were gonna paint our bedroom Memorial Day Weekend. However, we only gave our landlord like two weeks notice so, we got semi evicted – we found a note on the door saying something to the effect of, “Since you’ve given us short notice of your vacating, you have left us in a tenable short. We have two prospects that would need the apartment on or before June 1st, so we need you out on or before May 31st.”

Meanwhile we already had a truck scheduled for June 2nd and he said fine when we told him this, but now he was all like if you stay past May 31st I am going to charge you another months rent.

[side-rant: WHAT AN ASS, YOU’RE GONNA CHARGE ME AN EXTRA MONTHS RENT FOR TWO DAYS FUCK THAT ASSHOLE. We have been good tenants to him, fucking wrinkly old man. ARRRRRRRGH!!!!.]

So we had to scramble to get a truck for Saturday (yesterday) and move all the shower gifts to my parents (That night), since we cant take off during the week to move we needed to get out this weekend, plus if we were able to get out this weekend we weren’t going to give in the rest of the rent we owed him (we pay in increments, which we offered to us to do couple months back).

So luckily we were able to get a truck and pack it up and move all the shit in yesterday during the hottest day so far. Thank to the wonderful help of my friends Espo and Simon we were able to get everything out of the apartment and PIECE THAT FUCKER OUT. Thing was we had to put everything in the Living room and kitchen so we were able to paint the bedroom today (we painted the living room last weekend, luckily).

We are going to be so much better off here (I hope, *KNOCK ON WOOD*). We are closer to the train station, which I need to commute into the city for work. We are on the other side of the Roslyn Bridge (if anyone is familiar with the Roslyn Bridge) and Kamille has a straight shoot up to work in Port Washington. Although I had to pay an extra 24 bucks a month for my train ticket, we need to pay our own electric and cable and internet, we lost the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer and we decreased in size, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. See below for a list of pros and cons:


1. Closer to the train station
(so Kamille doesn’t have to waste gas and time going back and forth picking me up)
(the whole being under ground thing just didn’t work for us, we like being able to open up our windows)
3. Closer to supermarkets and restaurants
(the nearest supermarket was like 5 miles away)
4. Easier to get to
(Easier for all you to find so you have no excuse for not coming over
(we are saving 300 dollars in rent, although we are pretty much throwing that back to electric, cable, telephone and internet, still)


1. We need to pay our own electric, cable, telephone and internet.
2. I have to pay and extra 24 buck on my train ticket (see PRO #1)
3. We got screwed on the moving out day (as you just read)
4. LOT SMALLER SPACE to the CON list.

Yeah I think thats all the CONS, at least all i can think of right now.

I’ll get pictures up here once we get settles.

Ok well it’s late and im tired (even though im not going to go to bed )

Next time we move will be when we are ready to get a house (hopefully, *knock on wood* and then we will hire movers to move our SHIT!!


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