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So it’s been 6 months since my last post and a lot has happened since then.

Quick synopsis:

  1. My company (well former company) moved into the city in August
  2. Then they decided to let me go at the end of September, right before Laura and I were set to take a vacation (I know bummer right). Read about it here.
  3. Laura and I got engaged (on that vacation, stay tuned for a post about that, so I guess it wasn’t a bummer after all).
  4. After a month of unemployment, I landed a new job, in Long Island City.
  5. After a month of doing barely anything at that job, I found another job closer to home in a new language and I am excited to start there and learn something new.
  6. Two months after returning from our vacation, we booked our church and venue.

I am going to make separate post regarding 1 & 2, 3 & 6, and 4 & 5, so check back soon, like very soon.


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Good Bye Long Island…Hello New York City

August 15th – Moving day for BigBuzz Marketing group. We were told a few months back that the company has decided to move it’s offices to New York City, the heart of the the marketing/advertising world. Long Island was just not cutting it for this small agency, and a new location seemed like the best solution, at least the owners thought so.

Many of the employees had other opinions. Considering this was a Long Island agency all but 1 employee resided on Long Island, and even she was not thrilled about the move. While yes the office would be closer to her house, I believer her commute was relatively the same, and she missed her car. Despite the relocation all but 3 of the employees move into the city with the company.  

Thursday, August 15th, we had to break down our work stations and prepare for the moving company to pack up the office and load the truck. The truck was set to transport our stuff into the city and stay over night. The original plans was for everyone to show up to work on Monday, August 19th, to a surprise reveal of the new office…that plan did not work out, as one of the owners said this would be ridiculous and said we were to report to the new office on Friday, August 16th and help set up your own work station. Most of us got there around 8:30-9 and stayed til about 3, after setting up our workstations and getting the network up and running.

Monday, August 19th, was another interesting day as there were still some kinks and issues to iron out. After a week or so we we  fully up and running.

Fast forward to a month later…Monday, September 30th, After giving 110% to the company with the move and other stuff, I was called into my bosses office and informed that, there is just not enough ColdFusion work coming in to keep me on. They are focusing more on PHP and APP development, and “as much as I hate to do it” he had to let me go.

At first I was upset, frustrated, and frankly P.O.’d…but after getting home and thinking about it, it was a blessing in disguise. I haven’t gotten a raise at BigBuzz since I start in 2010, stuck at 45K annual is some Britney Spears initials. It was time to move on to bigger and better things. [See future post titled “Back to Work on Long Island”]


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Tour de Cure – June 8, 2013

June 8, 2013 – Peconic, NY

On June 8, 2013 I participated in the Tour de Cure, a fundraising bicycle ride to aid the research in finding a cure for diabetes put on by the American Diabetes Association. I decided to do this ride because my neighbor passed away this past October, unexpectedly from complications with diabetes.

There were five different mileage levels you could ride….5, 20,40, 62, 100 miles. Since 5 miles is way to short and I was not ready for a 40, 62 or 100 miles ride yet I went with the 20 miles ride. Next year I am going to train for the 40 or even 62 mile ride.

This was a great day overall, after the fear of rain it turned out to be a beautiful day for a ride. It was not too hot, not too cold, not to windy. Even with putting sunblock on my face, I still ended up with a Rudolph nose. The back of my neck, legs (calves) and hands. Yeah , the back of my hands got sun burned, go figured.

This is my new bike, Trek Verve 1. I bought this hybrid bike specifically for this ride. My old bike was a Huffy Mountain bike.  That bike was so old, rusty, heavy and the gears didn’t shift correctly, so this was a much needed purchase.

Trek Verve 1

This the 20 mile ride route. Took me and my neighbor Christine aka “Teeny” just under 2 and a half hours (we took our time and made a few rest stops). Click the image below to view my Strava entry.

Tour de Cure - 20 Mile Route

This was my bib number. Since I raise the minimum required fundraising fee of $150 before May 20th, I was able to get my name printed on the bib.

Tour de Cure Bib number

This is route sheet we needed to use so we didn’t get lost.  There were really only 4 turns are we went in a big “rectangle”

Route info

This is the participant T-Shirt we received after the ride. After the ride we were also provided with a nice filling BBQ (hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, chicken, salad, drinks, etc…)

Participant T-Shirt

We were required to wear a helmet in order to ride, which was good because we were riding on a very busy road. This is my new helmet, side view.


This is my new helmet, front view.

Helmet - front view

This was the best thing I ever bought for this ride (aside from the bike). It’s the Nishiki Warwick 100 oz Hydration Pack. There is a bladder pouch (shown below) that holds a 100 ounces of liquid. In case you don’t know how hydration packs work, you wear it like a back pack and when you are thirsty you, bite the mouthpiece and take a sip. Amazing so you can  keep two hands on the wheel and take a drink. I drank about half of it throughout the course of the day…so I am glad I got the 100 oz instead of the 50 or I would have been thirsty.

Nishiki Hydration Pack

Nishiki Hydration Pack Bladder - half full after the ride

Nishiki Hydration Pack Bladder - 48 oz left


If you would like to contact in regards in how to join me next year use the form below, or email me if you know the address:

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Batman: Dark Knight Rises

**NO SPOILER ALERT** don’t worry

Thursday, July 19th 2012 Laura and I went to see The Batman Trilogy with our friends Mike and Amanda at the AMC Loews in Levittown. Showtime started at 6 with Batman Begins.  After that there was a 25 minute break.  At 8:45 The Dark Knight started.  After than there was a 45 minute break.  At 12:01 (well little later than that) The Dark Knight Rises premiered.  Anyone who is a fan of Batman and saw the first 2 needs to see this movie.

The trilogy idea is a great idea…and I think they should do this with every movie that has a series.  I would definitely go see The Bourne Trilogy before The Bourne Legacy if they had that.  The best part was the theater was not packed at all. I heard all the other theaters showing The Dark Knight Rises were packed, but since our theater was slated for the Trilogy and that was not sold out our theater was full but not packed so that was good. Surprisingly the talking factor was almost a non-issue .

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R.I.P. Steven Esposito 4-20-2012

On Friday April 20, 2012, one of my best friends for 25 years was taken from us on this earth.  I always say things happen for a reason, but this is the one thing I can not find a reason for.  Steven was a good kid…yes he had issue but we all do and he was trying his best. This is the most unfair thing that can happen to a more loving, caring family and individual.

I lost touch with Steven after middle school and I will forever regret that, but I will never ever forget all the good times Steven, Michael and I had. I will always love my friend and his family. I am going to miss you buddy. I LOVE YOU!

My Brothas from another Mother - Steven is the one in the middle

My Brothas from another Mother - Steven is the one in the middle


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Hobbies….I need one….

I’ve been thinking lately that I need a hobby.  Something to do that just relaxes you and something in your off time for fun and hopefully free.  So I did a Google search found a bunch of website relating to hobbies for men, but a lot of them have huge lists that would take as long to go through as it would to actually pick a hobby.  So I settled on this one that listed 45 hobbies for men [].

Please read the list below carefully (not a complete list but rather a list of viable hobbies I would be interested in) and help me choose a new hobby. There is a poll below the list. Thanks guys.

  • Playing the Guitar
    • I would need to find a cheap guitar (I found one at Toys R Us during their closeout sale for $30 I should have bought it while I had the chance but I didn’t).
    • I would then need to re-string it to left handed or attempt to play right handed.
    • With all the advancement in technology  (like the game Rock Smith) and my dad playing the guitar learning to actually play prob wouldn’t be that hard.
  • Woodworking
    • I enjoyed wood shop class in high school
  • Metalworking
    • Don’t know much about this but welding looks like fun
  • Marksmanship / Archery
    • Ever since watching Top Shot on History channel I have wanted to shoot a gun.
    • Archery was listed as a separate category but I think it should be labeled under Marksmanship.
  • Collecting
    • But to collect what?
    • Baseball cards like Jerry and Frank
    • Stamps
    • This could go in hand with with the next hobby: Model Building
  • Model Building
    • My dad and I build a model car when I was younger and I bought him a model car of the car he used to race with back in the day. We have yet to put it together so that could be a stepping stone.
  • Whittling
    • Don’t know much about whittling either but sounds like it could be fun. Whittlin’ Man
  • Geocaching?
    • Sounds like it could be fun.
    • Some Uncharted shit right there.
  • Sports (don’t really consider sports a hobby)
    • I don’t really consider sports a hobby, although I guess if your not a professional it is a hobby.
    • But my idea of a hobby is something  you can do at home. Which would in theory eliminate Marksmanship and Geocaching but I mean if you need a playing field/alley then I don’t think its really a hobby. Thoughts?
  • Bowling (separate listing)
    • Considering I am already in a bowling league I guess I already have this hobby.
  • Pool/Billiards (separate listing)
    • I love playing pool, however it can get very expensive. If I had my own pool table I would definitely be doing this hobby a lot.
  • Letter Writing
    • Pen Pal letter could be interesting. Opportunity to meet some interesting people with some amazing stories.
  • Martial Arts
    • I love watching UFC/MMA and have been interested in taking up martial arts classes.
    • Laura and I even attempted to go but I just can’t keep motivated to keep going.
  • Photography
    • This could be interesting.
  • Card Playing
    • I like playing card online.
    • Texas Hold Em on Facebook
    • Gin on Yahoo.
  • Blogging
    • What do you think I am doing right now?
    • I just cant come up with enough content to blog regularly.
  • Paintball
    • Probably the closest I will ever get to shooting a gun if I ever decided to go.
    • I am just not to keen on getting pelted with paint balls….OUCH!
  • Computer Programming
    • Considering this is my current job I think I will pass on this as a hobby.
  • Not on the list but just came to me while watching a commercial: Bicycling
    • Good exercise and fun in the spring/summer.
    • I would just lose rhythm during the winter months.

Please help me decided what my new hobby should be:


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A difference a year makes….

I know a lot has happen since my last post that I didn’t get a chance to post about….because well I’ve been busy, and I don’t think about posting to my blog all the time.

Anyways….a year ago today I was introduce to the most wonderful person in the world.  She is so amazingly, wonderful and beautiful and to quote Bruno Mars, “…and I tell her everyday…”  A year ago today has definitely been the best day of my life so far.  It has been such a wonderful year getting to know Laura and I am so excited to spend many more years, learning more about her and experiencing many new firsts together.

I LOVE YOU BABY!! HAPPY “the day we met” :-*

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