Good Bye Long Island…Hello New York City

August 15th – Moving day for BigBuzz Marketing group. We were told a few months back that the company has decided to move it’s offices to New York City, the heart of the the marketing/advertising world. Long Island was just not cutting it for this small agency, and a new location seemed like the best solution, at least the owners thought so.

Many of the employees had other opinions. Considering this was a Long Island agency all but 1 employee resided on Long Island, and even she was not thrilled about the move. While yes the office would be closer to her house, I believer her commute was relatively the same, and she missed her car. Despite the relocation all but 3 of the employees move into the city with the company.  

Thursday, August 15th, we had to break down our work stations and prepare for the moving company to pack up the office and load the truck. The truck was set to transport our stuff into the city and stay over night. The original plans was for everyone to show up to work on Monday, August 19th, to a surprise reveal of the new office…that plan did not work out, as one of the owners said this would be ridiculous and said we were to report to the new office on Friday, August 16th and help set up your own work station. Most of us got there around 8:30-9 and stayed til about 3, after setting up our workstations and getting the network up and running.

Monday, August 19th, was another interesting day as there were still some kinks and issues to iron out. After a week or so we we  fully up and running.

Fast forward to a month later…Monday, September 30th, After giving 110% to the company with the move and other stuff, I was called into my bosses office and informed that, there is just not enough ColdFusion work coming in to keep me on. They are focusing more on PHP and APP development, and “as much as I hate to do it” he had to let me go.

At first I was upset, frustrated, and frankly P.O.’d…but after getting home and thinking about it, it was a blessing in disguise. I haven’t gotten a raise at BigBuzz since I start in 2010, stuck at 45K annual is some Britney Spears initials. It was time to move on to bigger and better things. [See future post titled “Back to Work on Long Island”]



  1. Ummm….hello? | REALLY?!? OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?

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