Shiro’s vs. Benihana

Friday 2/22/2013 – Laura and I went on a date night, so we decided to finally try Benihana and see how it compared to Shiro’s of Japan.  We are going to share our comparison with you guys to enjoy:

Westbury, NY – Both restaurants are located in Westbury, NY. Shiro’s in located right across from the Olive Garden on Old Country Road. The have their own huge parking. Benihana’s is a little closer and located in the Bed, Bath and Beyond parking lot. + 1 Shiro’s

The waiting area in Benihana is is nice however Shiro’s is a lot bigger. While Benihana has a bigger bar area, there is more room to stand around in Shiro’s. + 1 Shiro’s

The eating area at Benihana’s was a lot bigger. They had 16 tables that sat 11 people. That’s 3 more than Shiro’s and 2-3 more tables. However the table was huge, there was a good 12-15 inches from the edge of the table to the grill. While this might seem nice and like you have more room, it makes you feel disconnected from the chef and the food. + 1 Shiro’s

The service was just as good as Shiro’s. Service really depends on the wait staff and chef. Each has their own style so you can’t really judge based one experience. There were a ton of birthday’s that night (two at our table). When we first got there the wait staff started singing in English, then we thought, what the heck no Japanese version? But as we experienced later they were just explaining that they were going to sing the Japanese version and were explaining how to clap along. Unfortunately we will almost definitely not be visiting Benihana’s again so we would be able to elaborate more on the service, therefore this is a push.

The Menu was pretty much the same, can’t really tell if one had more options or how the prices compared on other items, because Laura and I only order one thing, CHICKEN TERIYAKI. Push.

The drinks were reasonably priced. Laura got a white peach sake sangria which was a decent sized glass for $8. I just had a soda which was I believe $3.25. The glasses were much bigger than Shiro’s and it was complimentary refills, + 1 Benihana’s. However, I didn’t finish it and they didn’t have sweetened iced tea. + 1 Shiro’s. Benihana did have Ramune Japanese Soda. I don’t recall if Shiro’s had Ramune or not so we will say + 1 Benihana’s.

The Onion soup was eh. There were slices of mushroom in the soup, which I didn’t like. Shiro’s doesn’t have mushroom in their soup. I feel like Benihana’s soup was littered with mushrooms. Shiro’s soup is tolerable to me, Benihana’s isn’t. + 2 Shiro’s

The salad is pretty much the same except Benihana’s salad has shaved radish in theirs which is gross. Benihana’s ginger dressing was not as impressive as Shiro’s either. + 1 Shiro’s

The Chicken Teriyaki entree paled in comparison to Shiro’s. Both start you off with grilled vegetables which include zucchini, onion and mushrooms. The chef did ask if anyone wanted the mushrooms instead of just grilling them, but that is not enough to give them a + 1, considering I can just tell them no thanks, or give them to the misses. You also get the shrimp appetizer. Shiro’s gives you 3 shrimp. I couldn’t really tell how many Benihana’s gives you because they (or at least this chef) chopped them up. I think I got about 4 chopped up pieces which I believe would equal 2. Here’s the thing I kind of like the fact the shrimp was chopped up, made it easier for a non-shrimp lover to eat, but I believe Shiro’s gives you 1 more shrimp so we will call this one a push.

We always get the white rice so we can’t really comment on the fried rice, only thing I can say is Benihana’s makes their fried rice with chicken, I believe Shiro’s if pork fried rice. Again we always get the white rice so can’t give a + 1 to either and I believe the amount of rice is the same for both so push on the rice.

Benihana’s makes their chicken teriyaki with the teriyaki sauce mixed in with the chicken. This I do not approve of. I like to be the controller of my own chicken’s fate in the teriyaki bath. I also do not think we got enough chicken teriyaki sauce on the chicken. I am sure you can ask for more sauce, which I was going to do, but didn’t. Therefore the edge goes to Shiro’s. + 5 Shiro’s (yes, I gave it a + 5 because well, they give you a perfect amount of teriyaki sauce or use during dinner and to pour on after when you take the left overs home.)

It gets worse. Behinana’s does not, I repeat DOES NOT, give you noodles with your meal. OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? THAT’S LIKE ONE OF THE BEST PARTS OF THE MEAL. I feel the noodles and the extra teriyaki sauce give Shiro’s left overs (which I always have) excellent re-heatablity quality. I feel Benihana’s leftover would not taste very good reheated, however we will never know because I left them there. + 25 Shiro’s (Yes the noodles are worth 25 points.)

Worst of all Benihana’s did not have a pleasant effect on Laura’s stomach. She did not feel well once we got home.
– infinity for Benihana’s + infinity for Shiro’s

As I said we will not be revisiting Benihana’s ever again on our own omission.


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