Batman: Dark Knight Rises

**NO SPOILER ALERT** don’t worry

Thursday, July 19th 2012 Laura and I went to see The Batman Trilogy with our friends Mike and Amanda at the AMC Loews in Levittown. Showtime started at 6 with Batman Begins.  After that there was a 25 minute break.  At 8:45 The Dark Knight started.  After than there was a 45 minute break.  At 12:01 (well little later than that) The Dark Knight Rises premiered.  Anyone who is a fan of Batman and saw the first 2 needs to see this movie.

The trilogy idea is a great idea…and I think they should do this with every movie that has a series.  I would definitely go see The Bourne Trilogy before The Bourne Legacy if they had that.  The best part was the theater was not packed at all. I heard all the other theaters showing The Dark Knight Rises were packed, but since our theater was slated for the Trilogy and that was not sold out our theater was full but not packed so that was good. Surprisingly the talking factor was almost a non-issue .


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