Basketball League

I have been missing my days of CYO basketball and have been itching to join a basketball league.Anyone interested? League is through

By the time I got to looking into where to join a league the season already started. They told me the next season was starting around April. So plenty of time to get back in shape.

Looks like it’ll be $850 a team for 8 weeks + playoffs + $35 weekly team fee for refs. If we get like 10 people it will be 85 a person (12-15 a week per person including ref fees). Money would prob need to be paid up front though.  My friend C.J. plays in this league and he says it’s two 20 minute half with running clock.  He suggested a max of 8 people.  Still toying with the idea of sticking with 8 or going with 10 to cushion in case of absentees.

We have two definites…three possiblies….and two maybes.  We need at least one or two big guys for in the paint. Kaiser I hope you’re one of my men.

Let me know if you are interested. If not and you know some one who might be please let me know, or have them contact me.

Check here for more details regarding this league:


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