Hobbies….I need one….

I’ve been thinking lately that I need a hobby.  Something to do that just relaxes you and something in your off time for fun and hopefully free.  So I did a Google search found a bunch of website relating to hobbies for men, but a lot of them have huge lists that would take as long to go through as it would to actually pick a hobby.  So I settled on this one that listed 45 hobbies for men [http://artofmanliness.com/2010/01/06/45-manly-hobbies/].

Please read the list below carefully (not a complete list but rather a list of viable hobbies I would be interested in) and help me choose a new hobby. There is a poll below the list. Thanks guys.

  • Playing the Guitar
    • I would need to find a cheap guitar (I found one at Toys R Us during their closeout sale for $30 I should have bought it while I had the chance but I didn’t).
    • I would then need to re-string it to left handed or attempt to play right handed.
    • With all the advancement in technology  (like the game Rock Smith) and my dad playing the guitar learning to actually play prob wouldn’t be that hard.
  • Woodworking
    • I enjoyed wood shop class in high school
  • Metalworking
    • Don’t know much about this but welding looks like fun
  • Marksmanship / Archery
    • Ever since watching Top Shot on History channel I have wanted to shoot a gun.
    • Archery was listed as a separate category but I think it should be labeled under Marksmanship.
  • Collecting
    • But to collect what?
    • Baseball cards like Jerry and Frank
    • Stamps
    • This could go in hand with with the next hobby: Model Building
  • Model Building
    • My dad and I build a model car when I was younger and I bought him a model car of the car he used to race with back in the day. We have yet to put it together so that could be a stepping stone.
  • Whittling
    • Don’t know much about whittling either but sounds like it could be fun. Whittlin’ Man
  • Geocaching?
    • Sounds like it could be fun.
    • Some Uncharted shit right there.
  • Sports (don’t really consider sports a hobby)
    • I don’t really consider sports a hobby, although I guess if your not a professional it is a hobby.
    • But my idea of a hobby is something  you can do at home. Which would in theory eliminate Marksmanship and Geocaching but I mean if you need a playing field/alley then I don’t think its really a hobby. Thoughts?
  • Bowling (separate listing)
    • Considering I am already in a bowling league I guess I already have this hobby.
  • Pool/Billiards (separate listing)
    • I love playing pool, however it can get very expensive. If I had my own pool table I would definitely be doing this hobby a lot.
  • Letter Writing
    • Pen Pal letter could be interesting. Opportunity to meet some interesting people with some amazing stories.
  • Martial Arts
    • I love watching UFC/MMA and have been interested in taking up martial arts classes.
    • Laura and I even attempted to go but I just can’t keep motivated to keep going.
  • Photography
    • This could be interesting.
  • Card Playing
    • I like playing card online.
    • Texas Hold Em on Facebook
    • Gin on Yahoo.
  • Blogging
    • What do you think I am doing right now?
    • I just cant come up with enough content to blog regularly.
  • Paintball
    • Probably the closest I will ever get to shooting a gun if I ever decided to go.
    • I am just not to keen on getting pelted with paint balls….OUCH!
  • Computer Programming
    • Considering this is my current job I think I will pass on this as a hobby.
  • Not on the list but just came to me while watching a commercial: Bicycling
    • Good exercise and fun in the spring/summer.
    • I would just lose rhythm during the winter months.

Please help me decided what my new hobby should be:



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