Mother Nature

Yesterday mother nature reared her ugly head again. It must have rain pretty heavy over night cause the rain this morning was not that bad, yet there were so many issues on the road today.

First, on the way to work the Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway was back up more than normal at 8:30. So I decided to get out at Plainview Road and head up toward my dentist on Round Swamp Road. Round Swamp Road comes out by the LIE at exit 48 which is the exit right before Rt. 110. I have done this once before and it was fine, however I didn’t realize when it pours heavily Round Swamp Road is called Round Swamp Road for a reason, IT FLOODS!! Right before my dentist, there is a school and the road right in front of the school flood so bad two car got stuck. I still made it to work by 9.

Second, Eric and I had to go to a meeting at one of client NAPW (National Association of Professional Women) located in Garden City. As we past over the LIE it looked back up so we headed down to the Northern State Parkway (NSP). The NSP was clear for about 2 exits. Apparently the NSP was closed at exit 35 (Rt. 106/107) due to flooding. So every one (including us) had to get off at South Oyster Bay Road. Then we had to trek down to Old Country Road, which was packed in itself. When we got to the Wantagh State Parkway we got on there and head up to NSP which was now free and clear. We made it to Garden City in an hour and a half…it should have taken like half an hour.

The meeting was about 3 hours long (well 2 for us since we got there late) we left at 1 and got back to the office at 1:30. So we spent half a day traveling and meeting with NAPW. Then when I got back I had to revise the reports we previously gave them.

Overall the day was pretty good. After work went to Hunan Dynasty in Levittown for some delish Chinese food with my love.

If the weather is nice, tomorrow I might go car shopping. If not I might go Sunday.


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