Bowling Week 10

Monday August 9th was week 10 of bowling league.  I bowled lower then my average.  Not a great week.  Jess’s friend Rob who subbed for Keith that week gave me a tip to throw the ball at more of an angle and straight toward the had pin.  This strategy seems to works consider my ball is a plastic spare ball  meant to go straight.  I may purchase a more aggressive ball by the end of the season.  But I kinda need a new computer first, so the ball may wait until the fall/winter season.

Once again Jessica dominated our team throwing 8 strikes in a row for the first 8 frames, missing a perfect 300 by 2 frames.  She ended up with a 256 after missing a spare opp in the 10th.

Game 1: 120 – 2 Strikes
Game 2: 120 – 2 strikes
Game 3: 132 – 2 strikes
Total: 372
Average: 126

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