New Yorker’s 2010 Playoffs Round 2

Sunday August 2, 2010 – New Yorkers took on The Hampton Bulls for round 2 of Long Island MSBL 2010 Playoffs.  After an hour and twenty minute drive out to Southampton, NY, the New Yorkers took round 2 of the playoffs in dramatic fashion.

Game 1 was a great game with a pitching duel between The New Yorkers pitcher, Pete Abrami (9-1) and The Hampton Bulls pitcher.  Pete threw a 1 hitter and the Hampton Bulls pitcher threw a 3 hitters.  The New Yorkers took a 1 – o lead in the top of the 9th when Joe Caprioli scored on a passed ball.  This play caused a big controversy.  After the dust settled (literally) the count was asked for and given as 3-0.  The Bulls were furious as they thought Pete (who was pinch hitting) swung at the past ball.  Whether or not Pete swung at the ball is beyond the point, but the Hampton Bulls were obviously frustrated and argued to no avail.  They just wouldn’t let it go and one of their players got ejected.  He was also warned if he didn’t leave they would forfeit both games.  He eventually left and play resumed.

Game 2 however, ended with even more drama.  In the second inning there was a ground ball hit in between short and third by the Hampton Bulls, the ball bounced right over Scott Booth’s glove and into Rob DeGennaro’s glove who was backing him up.  Rob was pretty much behind when the third baseman would normally play when he gunned the ball over to Bobby O’Brien at first.  It was a close play, and the runner was called out.  The Hampton Bulls couldn’t not believe the call as the runner appeared to be safe (even from the New Yorkers dug out).  The Hampton Bulls, probably still frustrated from game one, immediately argued the call with the umps.  Something must have been said because another player got ejected. After being ejected he proceeded to “get his moneys worth” and get up in the umps face, major league style.  After he finally calmed down, another player decided to come off the bench and give his two cents.  He was also ejected, however he did not go out quietly. He proceeded to scream and go after the ump.  He apparently even threatened to hit the ump.  He said quote, “It’s about the kids, let the kids play”  Well jackass you are the one who was causing the “kids” not to play by continuing to harp on what may have been a bad call.  Anyway since the second ejected player was threatening and would not calm down and leave the field after 5 warnings to do so or they would forfeit the game, the umps called the game and the Hampton Bulls took a forfeit.

This is not how the New Yorkers wanted to win the second game after driving an hour and twenty minutes, but we will take the win.  At least we got to beat the traffic home (after all it was Sunday) and enjoy a great night of pool, music, food and volleyball and Bobby O’Brien’s.  Thanks Again Bob-O.

The New Yorkers will move on to the Championship Series this weekend, against either the New York Blaze or the reigning champion Suffolk Pirates.


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