Bowling Week 7

Monday July 19th was week 7 of bowling league and according to Jessica who almost bowled a 300 this was our best week as a team.  Jessica ended up bowling a 252, striking in the first 7 frames to start the game.  I can’t understand how considering I had, by far, my worst week of bowling ever. I bowl an 96, 86 and 149.  WOW only a 110 average that is HORRIBLE.  Not surprising I only took home one point.  Something did not feel right at all that week as evident by my scores. I am going to rebound next week.  I am still trying to get a 180 before the end of July, which is only next week.  I know I can do it. I know I can, the highest I got was a 168, only 12 pins off.

Game 1: 96 – WTF?!?
Game 2: 86 – even FUCKING better
Game 3: 149 – back to “normal,” 2 strikes, blew turkey opportunity
Total: 330
Average: 110


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