Still Unemployed :(

After almost 5 months and 3 interviews, I am unfortunately still unemployed.  Being unemployed sucks, not only for he lack of money coming in but more of the boredom factor.  At first I was like ok, maybe I will take this opportunity to re-evaluate my career choice and see if a switch is in order, but now I am just getting antsy and bored.  I just want to be active and productive during the day.  At this point I will take a job in any field, any profession as long as training would be provided and the pay is greated than 10 dollars an hour.  Anything less than or equal to 10 dollars an hour wouldn’t be worth it.   

Being unemployed allows you mind to race and think about things you probably wouldn’t have.  Like currently I am contemplating getting my own bowling bowl and shoes and stuff and joining a bowling league.  Normally I wouldn’t contemplate it but my cousin Tyler is on the school bowling team so he talks about it and I’ve been playing Wii bowling lately that’s got me interested in bowling and then the other day I watched the Kelly Kulick become the first women to win a major men’s PBA tournament, so that was kewl.  I have also been thinking about myself a lot lately.

I have been thinking about my career, and possibly going back to school.  Maybe earn a degree in Criminal Justice and change careers.  Right now I am concentrating on my Master’s Degree final project. 

I have been thinking about myself in terms of relationships.  My past two relationships have failed.  Normally one wouldn’t think anything of it and just move on but these relationships were pretty serious so I am questioning what I did in these relationship that caused them to cease.  I am currently seeing a social worker to aid in my revelation of why these relationships have fail.  My sessions are going good and I think I have a pretty good understanding as to why.  I have some issues I need to work on before I will be ready to enter into another serious relationship.  I am taking at least 6 months of the single life before contemplating pursuing another serious relationship.

So that’s where my life stands…Single…Unemployed…Work on my master’s final project…Contemplating going back to school…Contemplating a career change…Trying to figure out who I am.

  1. #1 by brian12566 on February 5, 2010 - 10:40 am

    Hang in there kid. Email me your resume and I will give it to Laurie to look at. As you know, she is a Human Resources director and knows what a stellar resumer should look like.
    When I was your age, I was in the exact same situation. You were about 15 I think when I joined the Navy. I had no idea what I wanted, last two serious relationships failed, career going no where. So, I enlisted. Hated every minute of the Navy, but as I look back now, it was the best decision I made. I am not suggesting you run off and enlist like I did. In fact please don’t. I would rather have you live with Laurie and I before you did that. . You’re situation is the same, plus you have the added bonus of the economy being in a recession where nobody is hiring and 1 in 5 Americans are out of work.
    Perhaps you need to expand your job search to upstate? Check out Middletown, NY and the surrounding areas. You can stay with Laurie and I anytime you need for interviews and stuff. Laurie will even help you brush up on interview skills.
    Hang in there, you will find a job and you will find a woman with no psycological problems.
    So send your resume to me.

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