Job Opportunity

Last week I was contacted by Jana Kleinman, a recruiter at Pathfinders Staffing.  She had a Cold Fusion development position she wanted to discuss with me.  After discussing this opportunity, I was very excited about it.  The company is located in Farmingdale, so that is a bonus.  The only thing that concerned her was they were loooking for a developer with 5yrs. Cold Fusion experience, but she said she would submit my resume anyway and take it from there.   It is a good thing she did because they wanted to set up a phone interview with me. 

Today was that phone interview.  I called a guy name Hercules.  The opportunity sounds like a great one.  They are looking for a ColdFusion Developer to fit in with a 5 person development team, who is all very new with the company.  I asked about the 5 year ColdFusion experience requirement and Hercules said he didn’t write the description but they had been contemplating bringing in a senior developer to help restructure their ColdFusion development process, but they are not sure if they are going that route or not.  It sounds very promising if they decided to not go the  senior developer route.  End result he is going to send my resume to his team and get their feedback and then get back to Jana.  I am hoping to hear a response either way by the end of the week.  Crossing my fingers.  Wish me luck!!



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