New Yorker’s Week 13 – 17

I know I know I have been slacking in posting my baseball team’s updates, so here is a post for the final 5 weeks of the Season.  Playoffs started last weekend but since the New Yorkers kicked ass we had first round bye.

Week 13: The Saints vs. The New Yorkers
I did not get into this game but the New Yorkers took the win 4-3.

Week 14: The New Yorkers vs. New York Knights
We were supposed to play a two team double header. The first  game was supposed to be against The Legends but they were a no show.  So The New Yorkers took on the New York Knights in a single game.
Ryan Parnell had the big hit of the game with a 3-Run Homerun of the left center field fence. I went 1 for 2 with a double, RBI and a run score. My game stats are below:

Player Position AB R H RBI
E.Lampione DH 2 1 1 1

Week 15: The New Yorkers vs. Hampton Bulls
The New Yorkers went on the road out to wonderful South Hampton, Long Island to take on the Hampton Bulls.  This long drive out there would have been a long drive home is The New Yorkers did not take the win 12-3.  Not to downplay the New Yorkers ball play, but the Hampton Bulls just did not have their best stuff that game.  Veteran Pete Abrami pitched 8 solid innings.  Even with a tough strike zone Pete was able to strike out 12 and only allow 3 runs (2 earned) on 7 hits.  Gerard Hanshe broke out of a funk going 2-5 with 2 RBIS and run scored.  I unfortunately did not going 0-5 with a walk and a run scored. My game stats are below:

Player Position AB R H RBI
E.Lampione DH 5 1 0 0

Week 16: Suffolk Pirates vs. The New Yorkers (Wood Bat DH make up from Father’s Day)
Game 1 was one of the New Yorker’s most exciting, nail bitting victory of the season.  With an amazing double play from Ryan Parnell out in center field, the New Yorkers were able to edge out the Pirates 4-3.  The New Yorker’s unfortunately should not have won this game.  The Pirates pitching staff imploded in the last inning, when Ricci allowed a hit to Chris Guidice and then balked him over to second.  With first base open and pinch hitter phenom Ryan Harold at the plate, the Pirates decided to intentionally walk Harold.  With runners on first and second Ricci hit lead off batter Chris Bauer.  With the bases loaded Ricci hit #2 man Matt Cifichiello to bring in the tying run.  With the bases still loaded #3 hitter Joe “Cap” Caprioli drove in the winning run (the intentionally walked Ryan Harold) with a walk off single to right.

Game 2 was not a very exciting game with the New Yorkers dropping their 4th game of the season 7-4.  I only batted in game 1 so my 0 for 2 stats are below:

Player Position AB R H RBI
E.Lampione EH 2 0 0 0

Week 17: The New Yorkers vs. Bayside Bulldogs
The New Yorkers capped off the 2009 Regular Season with their most exciting game this season, defeating the Bayside Bulldogs 14-9.  In this game The New Yorkers saw SS Rob Degennaro hit for the cycle.  Rob had 6 RBI which account for almost half of the New Yorkers runs.  Each of Robs extra base hits were bombs to left/left-center.  If there was a fence at Wantagh Park, Rob may have even had two homers and not hit for the cycle, I think he’ll take the cycle.  I went 1 for 3 with a RBI, game stats are below:

Player Position AB R H RBI
E.Lampione DH 3 0 1 1

Stay tuned as the New Yorkers try to break out of their Playoff slump and try to bring home the MABL/Long Island  Single A Championship.  Feel free to follow New Yorkers baseball throughout the playoff as well as next season at

My Regular Season stats are posted below:

2009 Spring 41 8 10 1 1 0 7 13 5 8 4 0.313 0.264

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